Thailand Travel Tips and Visitor Information
International Currency Exchange. It is always convenient to step off the plane with some local currency in your pocket for Taxi, a bite to eat, and so on. Most large cities have an International Currency Exchange. You will need to phone the one nearest you, and order your Baht. Because they exchange very little baht it can take a few days for them to get it for you. In Thailand there is about 40 Baht to a US dollar. Here in the US, we get it at 35 - 37 Baht to the dollar, so do not exchange too much state side. You will need 250 - 500 Baht for your taxi. Fast food can be under 100 Baht. 2000 Baht will do you just fine until you get to an ATM or bank with a currency exchange window.
When you arrive at the airport in Bangkok, the best deals on taxi are outside. If you are stopped inside the airport and asked if you need a taxi, say "no thank you." and continue out doors. Once out side simply get in line at the taxi stand, and your ride should be around 250 Baht. If you go with one of the people inside the airport, you are getting a "private car" and not a taxi, which will cost 500 Baht plus tip. It's not fun for the very first moment you arrive to feel like you were ripped off. Just politely wave them off as you proceed outdoors to the Taxi Stand.
It is considered an insult to touch the top of anyone's head in Thailand. Don't pat children's heads either. Thailand is the most friendly place on earth. The people are friendly, and love to share their city and culture with visitors. So just leave their heads alone while you are there.
NO, you cannot have any girl you see anywhere. The girls in the beer bars and Go Go bars are there because they have decided to work in the adult industry. Some dumb guys walk around Bangkok and think that every office worker, or school girl is up for sale. Keep it to the small concentrated areas set up for such fun and games, but don't be an idiot.
Oh yeah, try to remember to drink only bottled water. Many restaurants will only serve bottled water, but every now and then I found myself drinking restaurant water not knowing where it was from... we can build up an immunity fast, but a bought with Montezuma's Revenge can slow down a short vacation.
If you lose your mind shopping, simply visit the local post office and mail your stuff home so that you don't have to carry it everywhere. Simple advice, but so many people never think of it. Why drag some giant item all over the place while on vacation, and don't deny yourself a great deal just because you don't want to lug the thing around the whole trip. Pack it up, and post it home.
Remember it's always hot in Thailand, so make sure to eat plenty of fresh fruit while you are there to stay hydrated. Sunglasses, wide brimmed hats, and sun block are all available everywhere you go, so you don't even have pack any, just get them as you need them.

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